Cheese Addicts Anonymous

Hi our names are Cigdem and Sam and we can’t stop eating cheese. It may not seem like a problem at first but once an entire plateful has been devoured you know it’s a problem. Cigdem even uses cheese when explaining how to say her name (it’s like half cheddar and half edam…)

Infact this is what we usually look like:

If like us you appreciate the finest food in life then you may understand where we are coming from.


giphy (8)Answer: there is no such thing as “too much cheese”. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

When it comes to picking somewhere to eat there’s only one thing on our minds.
giphy (10)

And then comes the cheese platter….

giphy (11)

Until everyone else judges you like they didn’t want any. Eeesh get your own platter people.

giphy (21).gif

When you meet a hottie on a night out there’s one important question  before you take things further…

giphy (19).gif

(yes Channing…yes we do).

And when we say ‘taking things further’ we mean chatting of course.

giphy (14)

When there’s an offer on in Tescos you basically fill your basket to the brim. Every little helps after all.

giphy (17).gif

Hungover weekends are made for one thing and one thing only. Doing this:

giphy (20)

And Friday nights in….

giphy (7)

So let embrace this love and eat as much cheese we possibly can. Why else would a food so delicious be invented if we couldn’t just eat it all?!

giphy (13)

Oh and here’s a little food porn for you all….SO.GOOD.

giphy (16)

The 11 girl’s night moods

There are 2 types of weekend a girl can have. A super lazy one where you refuse to put a bra on and do anything other than watch Netflix and eat pizza OR the kind of weekend when you eat pizza, get dolled up and go out out.
But once the shots are in your  blood stream something seems to happen to your #girlgang….

giphy (25)

The Planner – the one who refuses to take no for an answer and is always super organised about where you’re going and what you’re going to do. You’re going to go out and you are going to drink. Do not argue with this one.

giphy (21)

The Flirt – You know when your BFF suddenly tries to put on ‘the sexy eyes’ and gives them to every single guy in the bar. Every. Single. One.

giphy (22)

The Wingman –  Usually found with the flirt. We all need one of these girls.

giphy (29)

The Selfie-Queen – Always late because she’s spent so long doing her make up…and yet she went beyond the Kylie Jenner amount of make up and entered the drag queen zone in an attempt to look Instagram ready. It will look fine once there’s a filter on the picture, but she will probably spend most of the night infront of the bathroom mirror.

giphy (26)

The Dancing Queens – Questionable moves but oh so much confidence. This girl will only leave the dance floor if she is about to pee herself. Don’t question the moves, just let her do her thing because she is having the time of her life.

giphy (23)

The gigglier – She’s everyone’s best friend. Even the random girl who she met at the bar is now part of your squad (just for one night). Possibly the happiest person in that moment and nothing will bring her down.


The Cryer – Probably crying because her boyfriend said he was going to bed instead of waiting up for her. Or because she broke a nail. Or because her shoes are hurting. Nobody is ever exactly sure why she is crying but don’t question it. It will only make it worse.

giphy (30)

The Hungry Girl – That one friend who never seems to be full yet gets away with wearing a crop top (HOW?!). Usually she’s left the club by midnight and will spend hours in KFC.
giphy (24)

The Napper – Usually doesn’t make it past pre-drinks but she’ll be fine sleeping on your bedroom floor till you get home.

giphy (31)

The Vommer – Pretty self explanatory. She trows up every time and never learns her lesson.

giphy (28)

The General Mess  – A combination of sick, tears and general annoyingness. She’ll cling to you and will make you go home even when you’ve met the hottest guy ever at the bar. Steer clear.

giphy (27)



Summer body ready (or not)

Right, it’s April. That means one thing – not long till we’ve gotta brave it on the beach in our itsy bitsy bikinis. Yes, we said we’d start working on it on Jan 1st but who actually does that?

giphy (3)

Well one more meal won’t hurt. I should be able to say goodbye to food. It’s only polite.

giphy (1)

But seriously, that bikini bod.

giphy (2)

Okay goal set – lose a few pounds it’s simple. Just eat healthy and exercise. What am I meant to wear to the gym? Better hit JD Sports.

giphy (5)

Thats my wardrobe sorted…I should really work on this now. Maybe I’ll just Google healthy meals and feel like I’m getting healthier that way.

giphy (11)

I’m not getting any thinner Google! It’s time to face the gym. I’m gonna look so cute in my new work out clothes.

giphy (6)

How do they all make it look so easy. 2 minutes on the treadmill and I’m dying over here!!

giphy (18)

No, do a few more minutes then you can eat pizza. Sweet sweet pizza. I deserve this reward.

giphy (9)

I think I’ve lost weight already. Yep totally have.

giphy (13)


But that pizza totally means I’m now heavier than before. I should totally eat some salad. Yum. Salad.

giphy (19)

Who am I kidding this sucks.


Why does everyone feel the need to ask me ‘what’s wrong?’. How about I miss food you idiot!!

giphy (17)

Let’s try yoga instead. Maybe it will make me feel zen and less angry at the world.

giphy (14)

You know what? I don’t even care anymore. Give me the damn pasta.

giphy (16)

I’m not even fat. What was I worrying about?

giphy (15)

That’s right. I’m curvy and I like it and everyone on the beach is going to know it. Now give me the chicken nuggets.

giphy (12)


Commuting With A New Fancy Bag

If you thought saving up your pennies to buy that Prada was the hard part, then my friend you have much to learn. Because after the weekend you spent buying that pretty new bag comes Monday. The day you have to commute with it.

Be prepared. Be very prepared because your commuting world is about to change forever.

  1. Shit. Ticket barriers. Normally this doesn’t bother me but what if the barriers close on my bag. THEN WHAT DO I DO?!
    giphy (12)
  2. Okay, we made it through. The coast is clear, lets get on this train.
    giphy (9)
  3. Oh train delays. Good job I have a nice new bag I can casually stroke without looking like a crazy person. Such. Soft. Leather.giphy (6)
  4. Oh a full train. This should be fun. Better make sure the bag gets on first.giphy (1)
  5. This carriage smells funky. Why is there an armpit in my face? What if this smell rubs onto my bag?
    giphy (4)
  6. Why is this guy pushing into me like there’s a space. CAN’T YOU SEE THIS SPACE IS TAKEN UP BY MY BAG?! Pull faces at the bloke with the canvas rucksack instead.
    giphy (11)
  7. What on earth have I got in here? It’s so heavy but I can’t put it on the floor. Nobody puts Prada on the floor.
    giphy (5)
  8. Finally a seat! Run, run. Ah the relief I can feel my arms again.
    giphy (10)
  9. Yes Mrs sitting opposite me? Can I help you? Are you staring at me because my bag is better than yours. I can totes outstare you and your Primark tote.
    source (1)
  10. Oh, maybe she’s trying to work out if it’s a fake. IT’S REAL.
    giphy (2)
  11. Oooh a hottie has just walked on! Act cool and casual, he’ll notice you because of your arm candy.
    giphy (8)
  12. Finally we’ve made it to my stop. Now I just need to get through the barriers again and then FREEDOM. We are safe my precious.
    giphy (3)
  13. We made it! I’m so proud of us.giphy (7)