Dear Santa…

Now when it gets to this time of year there is one thing on our minds: PRESENTS!

giphy (52)

Okay yes, we should be thinking about what we’re giving, but surely we aren’t the only ones thinking about what we are getting instead? So here’s goes nothing…

giphy (51)

Dear Santa,
I’ve been extra good this year so pretty pretty please could I get…
A new handbag or three. I’ll take a Chanel, Gucci and a Saint Laurent if you don’t mind.
giphy (38)
I know you think I already own a fair few but they all have a purpose I promise.
giphy (39)

I’d also like some new shoes. Louboutins, Jimmy Choos and maybe some Givenchy too?
giphy (40)
A pretty dress dress to wear out for NYE.

giphy (41)

And a nice new coat. It is cold out there after all.
giphy (42)Infact, why don’t you just give me a whole new wardrobe? I kind of, sort of need it.
giphy (44)

I’ll also take a large amount of pizza
giphy (47)And could do with the biggest block of cheese ever known to man kind…
giphy (48)

Maybe some chocolate too?
giphy (50)

Oh oh oh and if you can import Chris Hemsworth from Australia too that would be great.

giphy (46)

I’ll settle for Ryan Gosling if the reindeer don’t have the time to get over from Australia. He’s only in L.A, that’s closer for them.

giphy (45)

Oh and five candy canes so I can beat Glen Coco.

giphy (54)

Thanks Santa, I’ll leave some treats out for you too!


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