Life of a sleepy person.

Do you ever go to bed in the evening with dreams of waking an hour early to work out or do your hair nicely or just do anything that requires organisation? Yeah us too, yet when that horrible alarm sounds goes off….

giphy (11)

SNOOZE. Thank goodness for the snooze button. Except everytime the alarm goes off you have to press it again.

giphy (16)

After snoozing for about 45 minutes, you have now crossed the line between ‘on time’ and ‘seriously late’. Time to get out of bed.

giphy (13)

Okay, you’re up. Now what? Only 2 things can help in this situation. Is wine appropriate?

Coffee. Give me that caffine.

giphy (14)

Also all happy morning people should be warned. The rule is no communication until midday.

giphy (15)

Then by the time you get to work it feels like you’ve done a whole days work. Come on, why isn’t it 6pm?!

giphy (19)

And then when it’s finally home time, all of our sleeping dreams come true.

giphy (17)

And when it’s Friday it’s even better. That’s when you can turn off that stupid alarm clock.

giphy (12)

And then roll on the weekend.

giphy (18)

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