Dear Hair

Dear hair,
Sometimes when I wake up I think ‘today is going to be a good hair day. I am going to have swishy, glossy hair that everyone is going to be jealous of.
giphy (4)

Our quest to a great hair day is to start with off with a flawless hair cut. Except things go wrong when the hairdresser ignores your request of ‘just trim it an inch or two, just to get rid of the dead bits’. That chair may as well be a torture chair. I’m sorry I lost half of your. I really am.
giphy (9)
But hey, they’ve given us a fringe. Fringes are sexy…except why does mine seem to do something weird all of the time?!
giphy (2)Sometimes I think curling tongs are all I need for hair like Gigi’s…Ohhh yeah I’m gonna look like a Victoria Secret’s Angel strutting down the street after this.
giphy (8)
Wait…how long are you supposed to hold these in for? Oh fuck. Is that smell my hair?
Ok, maybe rollers are the way forward? Just roll them up, wait for hours and I’ll swishing my way around town. If that YouTuber can do  it, so can I.
giphy (6)

But then my dearest hair, trying to get those rollers out was like detangling a pile of necklaces. Why don’t I look like that YouTuber?
giphy-downsized-large (1)
But it doesn’t look too bad…we can rock this.
giphy (7)
Until we step outside and the good old British weather hit’s us. It’s like when you’re chatting to a hottie and then his girlfriend comes along. Why?! WHY?!
giphy (10)
One day we will be friend’s, my sweet sweet hair. But for now, lets keep things casual until I figure out to make you look better. Because you’re worth it.
giphy (3)Yours sincerely,
The girl beneath you.

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