An ode to Seth Cohen – the creator of Chrismukkah

Okay, I know DVDs are soooooo 10 years ago, but recently I’ve been binge watching a box set that isn’t on Netflix – The O.C. (why I don’t know as let’s face it, it’s one of the best teen series…just saying).

As it’s December, it’s only fitting that we celebrate our real love for The O.C: Seth Cohen. This is why we love you.

giphy (36)

As it’s December, it’s only right that we start off with the fact that he created the greatest holiday of all time.

giphy (21)

I know you don’t need me to explain what Chrismukkah is.

giphy (14)

Those who haven’t ever watched The O.C (who are you and why are you reading this?!) may still be baffled.

giphy (19)

giphy (17)

Moving on from Chismukkah to the other amazing points of Seth. Remember when he understood our hate for rain? We aren’t even from Southern California! giphy (18)

And the fact that he can handle the heat…I mean who gets hotter in humidity? Seth Cohen, that’s who.
giphy (16)

And that time he stole ‘the eyes’ flirting technique and made it look so much better.
giphy (24)
And that time he cared about fashion.

giphy (31)

Or that time he tried to be like Ryan…and did it SO much better than Ryan.
giphy (33)

giphy (34)

giphy (35)

But, unlike Ryan, Seth just needs his wit to get out of any situation.
giphy (32)
And when you just wish you were Summer. Not just  because Rachel Bilson is insanely hot.

giphy (25)

Infact, I’d settle for being that pillow too.

giphy (26)

Also the boy understands our love for food. He likes burritos.

giphy (30)

We also dream of food, Seth. SO MUCH IN COMMON.

giphy (28)

He even makes bagels look sexy. BAGELS.

giphy (15)

And Captain Oats. I mean come on!!

giphy (37)

Yes, yes we should.

giphy (22)

Also your shirt….

giphy (27)

Oh Seth, you are amazing. If only you were a real guy. If only.

giphy (23)

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