Everyday styling

We can’t be the only ones having mega outfit issues in the morning. Almost every night we go to bed with an outfit mentally picked out for the next morning, because let’s face it we think about nothing else.

giphy (22).gif
And the reason we do this is to save (sleeping) time in the morning. So then when we wake up we can go ‘ahh today will be easy’.

giphy (17)

Yet somehow, when we look in the wardrobe it just doesn’t seem right. Suddenly that banging outfit is just…not banging. Time to rethink.

giphy (25).gif

And then this is when we have an impromptu clear out. At 8am. The kind when you try on a dress and go ‘WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I PAID ACTUAL MONEY FOR YOU?!’

giphy (23)
Next comes trying on every other thing in the wardrobe until something looks right for the day (or our mood…).

giphy-downsized-large (2)
And it can’t just be us who manage to hate all of our clothes (for about 5 minutes) and want to bin everything we own and buy an entirely new wardrobe.

giphy (27)
And then suddenly you see it. The only outfit that was made for the day and after a 15 minute breakdown we’re ready to slay.

giphy (28)

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