Tropical Fever

_UMB0384 copyClub Tropicana drinks are freeeeeee. Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone.

That’s right, this week we are loving this summer’s hottest print. And when we say ‘hottest’ we mean tropical, bitches! Just check out Gigi walking for Max Mara. Our point has been proven.

This is the print that we wear when we want to be on holiday, and then when we are actually on holiday, and then when we want to go back on holiday.

But seriously, if it’s a rainy day just rub on some coconut scented body butter (The Body Shop classic obvs) and close your eyes and suddenly you’re on a beach without actually getting on a plane.

tropicanaCigdem wears: Dress, Warehouse; bag, Zara; shoes, Office. Sam wears: Jumpsuit Mango; shoes, Next.

So that’s how we wear it. You can go bold and leafy or colourful and floral…either way we LOVE. Here are the rest of our top tropical picks from the high street:

tropical1. Trousers, £29.99, Zara 2. shoes, £30, River Island 3. top, £45, Autograph at M&S 4. bag, £27.99, New Look 5. dress, £65, Oasis 6. shorts, £20, Pretty Little Thing.

Not So Simple Shirts

Take a shirt, jazz it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!

Okay yes, we realise that a shirt is much more precious than a random penny on the street but they’re also just as common. If there’s one key item that never goes out of style it is a classic blue shirt and you’ll always find one in every single store.

Well here’s a news flash the classic blue shirt has had a mega upgrade. We’re talking frills, gems, oversized bows, ruffles, random straps…all sorts!

Sam was lucky enough to get her hands on THE shirt of the season from Next (it totally passes as a high street dupe of a certain Gucci shirt that a girl can only dream of owning). But if don’t fear if you can’t get your hands on Sam’s shirt because we’ve also found these revved up classics.

shirts1.£29.99, Zara 2. £34, Topshop 3.£35, Limited at Marks and Spencer 4. £19.99, New Look 5. £66, English Factory at Own The Look 6. £18, Boohoo

Shake up your shacket

It’s that awful time of year where the weather is a bit bipolar. It’s hot one minute, it’s raining the next, mixed with muggy, sunshine and touches of chill all at the same time. I know confusing right. What’s even more confusing is what to wear on a day to day basis. You can’t strut it out in your summery dresses and tops just yet, but you’ll be sweating buckets if you wrap up in your winter coat. Queue the SHACKET.

What is this you ask, well it’s the shirt/jacket combo that is making our day to day styling a breeze. Usually in a khaki , came or camel shade, this season opt for one with a bit of pizzazz about it. Sam’s chosen this Black Swan inspired one from Zara to see her through this confusing time.

turn Sam turn!!!!

If feathers aren’t your thing, then not to worry. There are tonnes of other souped up shakets that you can style it out in.

Here are some of our faves…

1. £34.99, H&M; 2. £65, River Island; 3. £59, Topshop; 4. £95, Miss Selfridge; 5. £60, Oasis

3D florals like you’ve never seen them before

For many moons 3D florals have always gone hand in hand with wedding and summer dresses. Soft, delicate and let’s face it quite boring. Well not anymore, because this season they have had a serious shake up. Think big, think bold, and think graphic – these  flowers are packing a serious fashion punch and are demanding to be noticed. So amp up your accessories for SS17 with 3D floral pieces that really catch the eye.

STYLE TIP: for a less girly vibe choose a darker base like black or navy.

Sandals and bag both Asos.


Barbie girl

If you haven’t alreparis-hilton-moschino-top-skirt-look1ady noticed, we like pink. But thankfully that’s acceptable these days as pink is THE colour to wear this season (sorry to all of the anti-pink people out there).

It started off a couple of seasons ago when Moschino released a Barbie influenced collection…I mean who didn’t want that mirror phone case?! Fast forward to the SS17 shoes back in September and pretty much every show featured at least one model wearing pink.

So it’s time to channel our inner Barbie girl, or Paris Hilton or whoever the fuck lives and dies in pink.

pink pair
Sam wears: dress, Miss Selfridge; shoes, Asos. Cigdem wears: dress and bags, Topshop; shoes, New Look.

And so, from now on we wear pink on Wednesdays. And Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. You get the idea.



Untitled-11.Dress, £45, M&S 2.bag, £55, Dune 3.Sunglasses, £220, Alice&Olivia  4.bralet, £26, River Island, £17.99, Mango 6.dress, £69.99, H&M 7.skirt, £12, Boohoo 8.earrings, £12.99, Zara 9. shoes, £35, Asos 10.jeans, £40, Topshop

Finishing Touch

As you may remember from Sam’s monogrammed bag, we’re really into a bit of customisation at the moment.

From iron on patches to pin on jewels we just want to customise everything. It’s like being in school again when you get to cover your book in posters of Busted.

This little gingham number from Mango has been spruced up with some cute beaded brooches, so you can easily swap them over onto a denim jacket or plain white tee. Or if you’re 100% that you’ll never want to get rid then try iron patches (que flashbacks to textile lessons in school anyone?).

Here are our top picks of badges to customise with and a few bits that have been made earlier.

Badges 1. Pins, £20, Topshop 2. Shorts, £29.99, Zara 3.Bag, £875, Moschino (a girl can dream!) 4. Iron on patches, £12.99, Mango

We are serious about stripes

Well, it is a style staple after all.

But it is not just generic stripes we’re coveting, there’s only one style we’ve got our eyes on and that’s vertical. Why you ask? Well, that is a very good question. And the answer is simple… it is the most slimming print of them all.

Indeed, vertical stripes lengthen and streamline your shape, making whatever part of the body you place it on, instantly look slimmer. And for two twenty somethings who hate, nay despise the gym, we’re after all of the help we can get. We have opted for the classic black and white pairing with touches of red, just to give it that extra wow factor.

Cigdem wears: dress, Marks and Spencer; shoes, Topshop. Sam wears: earrings, H&M; top, New Look; trousers, Zara; shoes, Next.

Now you don’t just have to stick to black and white, liven things up with different hues and stripe pairings. The brighter the better we say.


1. Espadrilles, £18.99, New Look; 2. skirt, £35.99, Mango; 3. culotte jumpsuit, £58, Oasis; 4. top, £29, Topshop; 5. trousers, £19.99, Zara; 6. jumper, £95, Uterque; 7. playsuit, £28, Next.