Life lessons from Cher

It may have come out twenty something years ago but growing up in the 1990’s meant that we learnt most of our life lessons from one movie (which we still LOVE): Clueless.

So here are our top life lessons learnt from the legend that is Cher Horowitz.

  1. Picking your outfit is one of the most important tasks of the day. You can never have too many clothes (but every now and then it’s good to give to charity).
    giphy (38).gif
  2. Talking of outfit picking. Sometimes when life gets you down you have to have a makeover. It’s that simple.
    giphy (37).gif
  3. It’s okay to look bad sometimes…usually this is caused by lighting. Or the other person’s eyes.
    giphy (39).gif
  4. Always flirt with caution.
    giphy (34)
  5. Or just stick to classic forms of flirtation.
    giphy (36)
  6. Talking of boys, it’s okay to be fussy. As Cher says, if you’re picky about shoes then be even pickier about boys.
    giphy (33)
  7. Basically don’t be afraid to bat off the losers.
    giphy (30)
  8. Also yes, sometimes you can make a bad choice but it’s like a Monet.giphy (35)
  9. You know that we all need that one gal pal who is there in every  needy moment of your life. Where would Cher be without Dion?
    giphy-downsized-large (3).gif
  10. Oh and ‘STOP’ signs really do mean stop!
    giphy (31)
  11. And when in doubt…SHOP!
    giphy (29)
    Cher Horowitz, you are an inspiration and a legend. We salute you!

    giphy (32)

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