When fashion fixes everything

Sometimes when you’re feeling down there is one thing that will sort that out: shopping. When you’re a happy you have to celebrate: shopping. And generally every other mood in life can be fixed by, yep you guessed it, shopping!

giphy (1)

So what’s a girl to do when fashion fixes just about every problem in life? Here are the answers for all of those who just don’t get it.

Firstly, shopping is a great way to bond with people. Apart from boys. Never shop with a boy as they usually just complain that the men’s section isn’t as varied (true but we can’t fix that) or that they’re hungry or that they just don’t see the difference between the red boots and the black boots.
giphy (10)

Secondly, the quest for finding the perfect outfit is NEVER over.
giphy (4)
Also, even when you own enough clothes to dress the entire Kardashian family (included the 3 new additions), we all have those moments in the morning when you just can not pick an outfit to save your life. Everything is just so….old. So you need new clothes to avoid being late for work.

giphy (6)

Also, a killer outfit is a great way to start a night out. You know when you’re out with the girls and one of them goes ‘oh that guy over there is totally your type’ and then in your head you go ‘good job I bought a new dress today, now I look banging’. That wouldn’t happen in an old outfit now would it?

giphy (3)

Also, there’s that horrific scenario when you’re at an old pal’s wedding and your ex is there with his new girl. Good job that new dress is better than her old one!

giphy (5)

And when there’s an amazing sale on it’s just plain rude to not shop.

giphy (11)

Come on now, is there such a thing as ‘too many clothes’. Case closed.

giphy (7)

And sometimes, you just have to treat yo’self.


And never forget the wise wise words of Rebecca Bloomwood…

giphy (15).gif

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