Giving it the cold shoulder

Now back in the summer we were banging on about how amazing asymmetric things are, and sometimes as much as we hate it fashion can be a little boring and not change for the rest of the year.

Now, moving on from those colourful, flippy frocks that we saw last season, this winter is more about 80’s style. And that’s just one of the reasons that we have fallen in love with this hero dress from Miss Selfridge.

So first up, it ticks both the one shoulder trend AND the 80’s metallic trend.

Next, it’s super flattering and not just on Sam with her supermodel legs. It comes in at the waist which means nobody can see those extra mince pies (we know you’ve had too many!).

And lastly, the big shoulder detail means it will even you out if you’re a big booty gal.


Thanks for solving our party dress woes once again Miss Selfridge! 

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