Things that you can only get away with at Christmas

  1. Drinking all day. 

A wee morning Mimosa, lunch time glass of wine, champagne afternoon tea, cocktails at dinner, followed by a bottle of Baileys. There is no shame with embracing your inner alcoholic in December


2. Eating a dessert after every meal.

Morning cornflakes followed by a mince pie is totally normal the second it hits the festive season. You’re not in the Christmas spirit if you don’t have your daily box of celebrations.



3. Wearing sequins 24/7.

It’s the only time of year when it’s completely normal to be wearing a sequin top on a standard Tuesday at the office. Whether you’re going full ball gown or even a sparkly earring, you need some shine.



4.  Singing out loud to any Christmas tune.

Humming along to Wham on your Monday morning bus journey, to belting out Mariah in the shower. Nobody can stop your rhythm, and if they do then they are being a scrooge.



5. The wearing of novelty knitwear

Shitty jumpers in November, no thank you. Shitty jumpers in December… HELL YES! Embrace this unfashionable trend and wear the worst jumper you can find with pride.

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