Bad hair day be gone!

The winter is great in some ways. You can cosy up in warm layers, feel all warm and festive and not feel bad when you’re in bed by 9pm because it’s been dark since 3.

But along with all of those wonderful winter moments, the weather plays havoc with our hair. I mean humidity is bad, but cold rain is work. Don’t bother getting a blow dry, you’ll like you’ve got an old mop on your head as soon as your step out of the salon.

And that’s where this pretty little Erdem brooch comes in handy….because it doubles up as a hairclip too!

Back  when the Erdem X H&M collection came out everyone was going mental for it, but really you could 3 leopard print coats from the standard H&M line for the price of that one pretty style. But this little brooch is enough to make you feel like you’ve got a piece of the action without killing your bank account.

So sweep your hair into a ponytail and pop the brooch in and ta-da! You instantly have party ready hair.


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