Cheese Addicts Anonymous

Hi our names are Cigdem and Sam and we can’t stop eating cheese. It may not seem like a problem at first but once an entire plateful has been devoured you know it’s a problem. Cigdem even uses cheese when explaining how to say her name (it’s like half cheddar and half edam…)

Infact this is what we usually look like:

If like us you appreciate the finest food in life then you may understand where we are coming from.


giphy (8)Answer: there is no such thing as “too much cheese”. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

When it comes to picking somewhere to eat there’s only one thing on our minds.
giphy (10)

And then comes the cheese platter….

giphy (11)

Until everyone else judges you like they didn’t want any. Eeesh get your own platter people.

giphy (21).gif

When you meet a hottie on a night out there’s one important question  before you take things further…

giphy (19).gif

(yes Channing…yes we do).

And when we say ‘taking things further’ we mean chatting of course.

giphy (14)

When there’s an offer on in Tescos you basically fill your basket to the brim. Every little helps after all.

giphy (17).gif

Hungover weekends are made for one thing and one thing only. Doing this:

giphy (20)

And Friday nights in….

giphy (7)

So let embrace this love and eat as much cheese we possibly can. Why else would a food so delicious be invented if we couldn’t just eat it all?!

giphy (13)

Oh and here’s a little food porn for you all….SO.GOOD.

giphy (16)

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