Shake up your shacket

It’s that awful time of year where the weather is a bit bipolar. It’s hot one minute, it’s raining the next, mixed with muggy, sunshine and touches of chill all at the same time. I know confusing right. What’s even more confusing is what to wear on a day to day basis. You can’t strut it out in your summery dresses and tops just yet, but you’ll be sweating buckets if you wrap up in your winter coat. Queue the SHACKET.

What is this you ask, well it’s the shirt/jacket combo that is making our day to day styling a breeze. Usually in a khaki , came or camel shade, this season opt for one with a bit of pizzazz about it. Sam’s chosen this Black Swan inspired one from Zara to see her through this confusing time.

turn Sam turn!!!!

If feathers aren’t your thing, then not to worry. There are tonnes of other souped up shakets that you can style it out in.

Here are some of our faves…

1. £34.99, H&M; 2. £65, River Island; 3. £59, Topshop; 4. £95, Miss Selfridge; 5. £60, Oasis.

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