Summer body ready (or not)

Right, it’s April. That means one thing – not long till we’ve gotta brave it on the beach in our itsy bitsy bikinis. Yes, we said we’d start working on it on Jan 1st but who actually does that?

giphy (3)

Well one more meal won’t hurt. I should be able to say goodbye to food. It’s only polite.

giphy (1)

But seriously, that bikini bod.

giphy (2)

Okay goal set – lose a few pounds it’s simple. Just eat healthy and exercise. What am I meant to wear to the gym? Better hit JD Sports.

giphy (5)

Thats my wardrobe sorted…I should really work on this now. Maybe I’ll just Google healthy meals and feel like I’m getting healthier that way.

giphy (11)

I’m not getting any thinner Google! It’s time to face the gym. I’m gonna look so cute in my new work out clothes.

giphy (6)

How do they all make it look so easy. 2 minutes on the treadmill and I’m dying over here!!

giphy (18)

No, do a few more minutes then you can eat pizza. Sweet sweet pizza. I deserve this reward.

giphy (9)

I think I’ve lost weight already. Yep totally have.

giphy (13)


But that pizza totally means I’m now heavier than before. I should totally eat some salad. Yum. Salad.

giphy (19)

Who am I kidding this sucks.


Why does everyone feel the need to ask me ‘what’s wrong?’. How about I miss food you idiot!!

giphy (17)

Let’s try yoga instead. Maybe it will make me feel zen and less angry at the world.

giphy (14)

You know what? I don’t even care anymore. Give me the damn pasta.

giphy (16)

I’m not even fat. What was I worrying about?

giphy (15)

That’s right. I’m curvy and I like it and everyone on the beach is going to know it. Now give me the chicken nuggets.

giphy (12)


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