Commuting With A New Fancy Bag

If you thought saving up your pennies to buy that Prada was the hard part, then my friend you have much to learn. Because after the weekend you spent buying that pretty new bag comes Monday. The day you have to commute with it.

Be prepared. Be very prepared because your commuting world is about to change forever.

  1. Shit.¬†Ticket barriers. Normally this doesn’t bother me but what if the barriers close on my bag. THEN WHAT DO I DO?!
    giphy (12)
  2. Okay, we made it through. The coast is clear, lets get on this train.
    giphy (9)
  3. Oh train delays. Good job I have a nice new bag I can casually stroke without looking like a crazy person. Such. Soft. Leather.giphy (6)
  4. Oh a full train. This should be fun. Better make sure the bag gets on first.giphy (1)
  5. This carriage smells funky. Why is there an armpit in my face? What if this smell rubs onto my bag?
    giphy (4)
  6. Why is this guy pushing into me like there’s a space. CAN’T YOU SEE THIS SPACE IS TAKEN UP BY MY BAG?! Pull faces at the bloke with the canvas rucksack instead.
    giphy (11)
  7. What on earth have I got in here? It’s so heavy but I can’t put it on the floor. Nobody puts Prada on the floor.
    giphy (5)
  8. Finally a seat! Run, run. Ah the relief I can feel my arms again.
    giphy (10)
  9. Yes Mrs sitting opposite me? Can I help you? Are you staring at me because my bag is better than yours. I can totes outstare you and your Primark tote.
    source (1)
  10. Oh, maybe she’s trying to work out if it’s a fake. IT’S REAL.
    giphy (2)
  11. Oooh a hottie has just walked on! Act cool and casual, he’ll notice you because of your arm candy.
    giphy (8)
  12. Finally we’ve made it to my stop. Now I just need to get through the barriers again and then FREEDOM. We are safe my precious.
    giphy (3)
  13. We made it! I’m so proud of us.giphy (7)

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