Tuesday Shoesday #2: The Souped Up Sneakers

Much to your disbelief, most fashion gals don’t live and die in heels. Of course we wear the occasional pair (mostly in Insta snaps), but on a day to day basis when running around on press appointments, we’re rocking a pair of trainers. I mean c’mon, even Vic Becks is sporting flatter footwear lately. The game has changed on the footwear scene, and it’s now more stylish to be sensible.  And we are so happy – Hallelujah!!!


Just like every other item of clothing, you can’t wear unfashionable footwear, and even more so with trainers. We are loving these high tops from the Tommy X Gigi collection. With American inspired badges, these have a totally summery vibe to them. Let these bad boys take the lime light and team them with some skinny jeans or dungarees.

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