Generation rent, it sucks!

It seems that unless you live way out in the countryside or have the bank of mum and dad, you will be part of generation rent. Welcome!

The generation where living in London and getting a creative (and not so well paid) job, means that you have to sacrifice ever being able to afford your own home. Especially in the capital where the average property costs around £472,163, despite the average London wage only being £34,473. I’m no maths expert but I think the sums aren’t in our favour – darn it!

Here are a few struggles generation renters have to deal with on a daily basis..

  • Pinterest Envy

Do you know how difficult it is to have a beautiful Pinterest designed house and nowhere to decorate.  DO YOU?


  • Having to decide between buying a £10 lunch at Leon or £3 meal deal every day.

Because you want the Leon, it’ll look fancier and probably taste better. But you’ve done the maths, eating a £3 meal deal per day saves you on average £1,850 per year. Money that you could put into savings. Leon usually wins though.


  • Getting your hair done at a salon or just leaving it

Because ombre is now officially a hair trend. It’s the fancy word for really over grown roots. DW sista’, I’m gonna work it!


  • Giving it all up and marrying for money

You may not love him, and he may be a total weirdo who think having a smooch means giving your mouth a turbo spin with his tongue. But he’s just won the £44 million euro jackpot. Who needs morals ay?


  • Wishing you had learnt to code as a kid

Everyday thinking that if you could do your childhood over again you wouldn’t have spent it outside playing on your bikes or down the park. You would have been on your old orange bubble back mac learning to code websites. I mean you could of invented the new Snapchat by now?





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