We’re having a meltdown over the snow

Ok, so Brits are notorious for always complaining about the weather. To sunny, to hot, to windy, to humid – we are never happy. But the sheer mayhem caused by a little few inches of snow the past few days is actually hilarious. Russians and Canadians must think we are pathetic.  At first everyone was happy, the excitement of playing outside in  sub-zero temperatures filled everyones hearts with joy. But then national panic came about and people started acting cray cray.

Here are the 5 stages of snow meltdowns…

  1. BULK FOOD BUYING – Because obviously every shop is going to cease sales and close down. Better stock up on tinned potatoes and peaches.


2. CANCELLING PLANS – Sweet lord of course you can’t commit to going to the pub up the road. You might get caught up in an avalanche.


3. NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE – Netflix subscriptions have been used to the maximum this past few days.


4. OVERBUYING SNOW APPROPRIATE WEATHER – Wellies, check, thermal socks, check, thick woolly hat with pom-poms, of course check.


5. ASSUMING ALL PUBLIC TRANSPORT IS UP THE WALL – With every inch of snow means a full day of working from home.




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