Festive AF

Seeing as it’s now mid December we are officially in the Christmas mood. We’re talking lights all over the house, a few crackers playing on Spotify and pretty much living on mince pies.

What else does Christmas bring? Cheesy jumpers of course! Next Friday (that’s the 15th Dec if you don’t own a calendar) is Christmas Jumper Day. As if we even need an excuse to whack on a festive knit, this one is all for Save The Children as everyone donates £2 for charity. Horray!

IMG_0142Same wears: Jumper, Asos and reindeer ears, Zara

Now we think your Christmas jumper could go one of two ways. Either you splash out on something a little classy, like Sam’s Christmas light jumper, or you keep it cheap and cheerful in a jumper so cheesy it may as well be called cheddar.

jumpers1. £20, Boohoo 2.£39, Topshop 3.£18, George at Asda 4.£15.99, New Look 5.£20, Peacocks 6.£14, Primark

Go grab yours now and get ready to sing along your fave Christmas tune. Ho! Ho! Ho!



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