Sunday night blues

Every week the same old tale of Sunday night blues. The realisation that Monday is only one sleep away and the day of reckoning is upon us. No matter how much you may love your job, the thought of getting up at 7am in the dark and freezing cold is just too much to bare. Here are the 5 stages of Sunday night blues.

  1. Denial – Tomorrow is a distant event, it’s not happening any time soon. You’ve got ages, enjoy your chilled Sunday evening with a glass of red. It’s only 5pm, you’ve got ages.


2. The realisation – That kicks in around 8pm, after your evening ITV2 film has finished. Oh god, only 2 hours till i have to go to bed, the end is near.


3. The fear – All of the tasks, the meetings, the deadlines that you blissfully forgot about on Friday evening have all returned to your brain. But you don’t want to be productive and do work. You’ve enjoyed the good life for two days and you’ve decided that retirement suits you.


4. The back-up plan – You pray for a cough, a cold, a broken limb, anything to give you one extra day of bedtime bliss. Even if you’ve got your dream job and love everyone in your office, no amount of money or self satisfaction makes getting out of your warm cosy bed any easier.


5. The acceptance – Despite your best efforts to win the lottery, luck just isn’t on your side. So you have accepted that you need to work in order to eat, live in an overpriced flat, and fund your Zara addiction. You’ve scrolled through Tatler’s top 50 bachelors to try and find a sugar daddy, but you’ve got too much self respect. Plus it’s winter and you can’t be bothered to shave your legs.


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