Growing up with a weird surname

Even though our surnames are handy for us being remembered (Rnic & Tanrioglu), there are many pains that go along with our tongue twisting last names.

  • When giving your surname over the phone, nobody ever being able to repeat the spelling despite you wording it out very slow.

Me: R N I C

Phone person: oh yes madame  R E N I C K,

Me: no it’s R N I C

Phone Person: oh yes, SMITH


  • And despite how many times you tell them how to spell it, they still get it wrong and you have to go through the entire thing again.


  • And then after about 10 minutes of thinking of every word that starts with R N I and C, rabbit November indigo crabs, they still say to you over the phone… are you sure that’s how you spell it?


  •  Going into a bar, passport control or signing up for something where you need to show your ID, and the person looking at it saying “oh what a weird surname, where’s it from?”  Mars obvs.


  • Always having the fear that you’re very easy to google. The likelihood of their being more than a handful of Cigdem Tanrioglu’s in the uk is very slim. Hopefully those vodka shot videos from Zante 09 doesn’t come back to haunt me.


  • And even though having a weird surname is a total pain in many ways, the thought of changing it to a basic one when you get married is such a big NO NO.


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