Cut it out

We have a confession to make. We are still working on our summer bods and lets face it the summer has pretty much come and gone…so if you want to see us in itsy bitsy clothing then please come back next year.

In the meantime we’re flashing the flesh in the most fashionable way we know – in a cut out dress. This way nobody can deny that (fake) tanned torso. Plus these cleve cut outs create the illusion of a hot bod #winning.

cut out.jpg
Cigdem wears: dress, Topshop

So wether you’re about to flash some underboob like Cigdem (oops) or just wanting to show off your shoulders, a cut out dress is totally the way forward for easy summer style.

cut out hi
1. £24.99, H&M 2.£15.99, Stradivarius 3. £18, Boohoo 4. £32, River Island

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