When Love Island is life

You know you’re addicted when you start planning your social life around getting home for 9pm. Especially when you do a mad dash to the sofa at 8.59.

giphy (7).gif
Then once you see that heart on the screen you know you’re in for one whole hour of sheer bliss. And don’t get us started on those slightly longer episodes (an extra 20 minutes of excitement? HELL YES.)

giphy (1).gif

About 3 minutes in Liv starts yelling at Chris and the entire nation is thinking….
WHY DOES SHE DO IT TO HIM?! Just go and get swallowed up by the dicksand please. Someone get Muggy Mike to mug her off please.
giphy (3)
Also when this was the greatest escape in life. Close call Camilla, phew!
giphy (2)

And how Marcel restored your faith in men…Until he kissed someone twice in Casa Amor. WHY MARCEL? WHY?!


But it’s okay cos he was in Blazin’ Sqaud, didn’t you know?
giphy (8).gif
Also, has anyone noticed how Kem manages to crack out a new hairstyle every night? He is one skilled hairdresser.
19942585_307621026369339_5183507428021345942_oAnd when you thought you couldn’t relate to someone that hot, Montana somehow brings everything back to normality.
giphy (4)

And the way Chris managed to sum up Brits abroad.

And every time the boys come together it just melts your heart a little. Bromance at it’s truest form.
giphy (9)

And then there’s a massive drama during recouping. Theo picked Tyla? SHAME JONNY. Georgia picked Kem?! IS SHE STUPID? Olivia picked Chris….damn it I was hoping to get him.
giphy (10).gif
And then it all ends for the night. How the hell are you meant to wait 23 hours to find out if the new boy is Amber’s type on paper?!
And then it dawns on you…soon it will all be over. Then what will we do?
giphy (6).gif

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