Summer Prepping

It’s time to talk beauty because that ‘au natural’ look we all aim for in the summer is pretty damn tough to get.

giphy (1)

giphy (12)

First up is de-fuzzing (after exfoliating of course). Do you spend every morning shaving your entire body OR do you pay some random lady in a beauty salon to cause you endless amounts of pain just so you can have silky smooth legs for a week? Decisions decisions…

giphy (2)

Next up is tanning. Because even though we all go into the summer months as pale as a piece of paper, nobody actually wants to admit it. Getting a good old spray tan means you’ll start the summer off as tanned as you plan to be by September. Genius!
giphy (4)

Now our feet have been in hiding so a pedicure is a must for ‘look at me’ toes…because manky toes and sexy sliders are not a match made in heaven.
giphy (16)

Summer heat can leave skin feeling super dry so don’t for get to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise for super silky smooth legs. Hydration is key.
giphy (15)

Next stop to summer sexiness is sorting out those big winter brows. Go see a brow lady, she’ll do a much better job than you ever will at home.
giphy (13)

And all of the summer heat leaves means we need minimal make up…so just ease up to avoid looking like a melting drag queen.
giphy (10)
But of course we don’t mean ditch the make up altogether. Try swapping your foundation for a tinted moisturiser (Cigdem swears by Nars tinted moisturiser), apply a red lip (Sam’s fave day time look always involves a red lip) and lashings of mascara. Ta-da!
giphy (9)
And when it comes to doing your hair? Just be extra careful because in the summer those heated tools feel a whole lot hotter! Sometimes it’s best just to let your hair do it’s thing and put it up in a good old messy bun.
giphy (11)

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