If we could have one bag….

Sometimes we find ourselves asking ‘do we want 20 bags high cheap bags ooooorrr do I want one mega amazing bag instead??’.


Now don’t get us wrong, we love the high street. We would probably die without Zara (no exaggeration here…we would just stumble round aimlessly and will probably end up getting lost in the woods and get eaten by bears). But sometimes a girl can’t help but lust over something extra extra special like a designer bag. Just to cheer us up when a boy cheats, or when our diet goes wrong or when it rains…

Cue this stunner of a Chloé bag. It may cost £1,140 but it’s pretty and red and oh so soft and oh-so-amazing. I’m talking girl on the tube having bag envy amazing. Take it from us, once you splash out on something like this you will not regret it, just downgrade from your Pret lunches to something a little cheaper and it will work out fine in the end.

Now excuse us as we go and eat toast for the rest of our lives as we can no longer afford to eat – oops!

P.S – just be careful on the tube, travelling with some designer arm candy is a whole other world to travelling with your Topshop tote.

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