From riches to rags: a true story

We all do it. We all get a bit too excited on pay day and then come the last Thursday of every month have ended up starving and in tears.

Day 1: Pay day AKA the greatest day of them all – make it rain baby!

The first Saturday night: DRINKS ARE ON ME!
giphy (1)And then comes Sunday. Time to move all of those ‘saved for later’ items to your ‘shopping basket’ on Asos.giphy (19).gif

On Sunday afternoon you realise you’re going to have to wait till tomorrow to get these bits so you head to town instead.
giphy (9)Then you have an inner fight with yourself…do I need new shoes? (The answer is yes. Always.) The week continues in this manner.

giphy (7)Week 2: I should probably look at my bank account…
giphy (11)Oh….I spent more than I thought.
giphy (3)The middle of the 2nd week (around the 10th of the month): I must stock up on food before I recklessly spend on everything else.
giphy (10)Week 3: You get a text about buying your friend a fancy birthday gift. Sorry Hannah who??
giphy (14)But the girls insist you have to at least come out for dinner. This  better be the best salad ever, it just cost me 20 quid.
giphy (17)Maybe I should return some of those clothes I bought. Topshop will take back a worn dress right?! They don’t know I’ve worn it.
giphy (6)It’s ok, what about this Zara top? Except I threw the receipt away…This is not what a savvy girl does.
giphy (18)Week 4: Things are getting tough. It hurts me deep inside whenever I check my account.
giphy (12)Does this mean I have to give up my morning Starbucks?giphy (5)Looks like I’ll be giving the bikini diet a boost as I can no longer afford to eat.
giphy (8)The last Wednesday of the month: HOW WILL I SURVIVE 2 MORE DAYS LIKE THIS?!
giphy (4)And then at midnight, when Thursday turns into Friday…magic happens.
giphy (13)


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