Shoesday Tuesday #6: 3D Florals

Florals for spring… groundbreaking. (cough sarcasm)

3D florals with an extra fashion punch… EARTH SHATTERING (sincerity).

If the cinema can do 3D then so can we. And by we, we mean Zara. These sandals are stealing the show on this weeks #shoesdaytuesday. Set on a metallic heel, these sandals are the ultimate go-to shoes when wanting to grab some attention. With the mix of yellow, black and gold beaded flowers, these gems are a dream to style. Wear with your LBD to a girls night out, or team with some black jeans and simple white top for a casual pint (or cocktail) at the pub. Either way, these bad boys demand, nay deserve to be shown off. The best part of all is that the wider heel with that there will be less pressure on your feet as your weight will be distributed more evenly. Praise our fashion saviour that is Zara.

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