Backpack Bonanza

Perfectly practical and packed with an extra fashion punch, we just love a statement backpack. Maybe it’s due to all of the ‘Clueless’ nostalgia: the killer co-ords and backpack combos in that movie still makes our hearts race with excitement. Oh Cher and her fluffy backpack, forever may you live in the fashion hall of fame.


Not to worry babies of the 90’s, we are still flying the flag of pre-millennial style, one backpack at a time. We are totally diggin’ this metallic one from The Cambridge Satchel Company for £135. With just enough shine to get you noticed, but in a sleek shape that makes it completely office appropriate. Plus you can add your initials just incase the general public need reminding who it belongs to. Three points to anyone who can guess who owns this one. We’ll give you a wee clue; the colour of the bag matches the owners hair (cough Sam).

Fancy something that makes more of a statement? Here are six other backpacks we’ve also got our eyes on.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 23.33.24.png
1. £95, Lulu Guinness, 2. £59, Charles & Keith, 3. £560, Marc Jacobs at Harrods, 4. £30, Oasis, 5. £39.99, Mango, 6.£19.99, Zara.


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