Shoesday Tuesday #45: Birds of a feather

Surely it’s almost spring? Please someone, anyone tell us that soon we will be able to ditch our boots and put on pretty dainty flats, sexy sandals and most importantly fashion forward mules. PLEASE.

Incase you can’t tell, we are totally over dressing for the weather, so instead we are wearing shoes that are totally inappropriate and can’t deal with our great British weataher. And those shoes are these.

They’re silky, have no back and have gorgeous birds embroidered in them. I mean HELLO these are totally worth facing the cold. And we can all just side step puddles, it’s easy. Esepcially when your shoes look like these.

IMG_5735.JPGShoes, £24.99,RAID at Asos

Oh, and they’re great for that perfect Instagram snap!

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