Baby it’s cold outside

So therefore we are not going out. The idea of roughing it outside in this awful British climate is just too much. Oh no no no, staying in with a nice Netflix series and a big bowl of carbs is far better than squeezing into a sweaty and over-priced bar.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should stay in because basically going outside is just too darn traumatic.

  1. Your hair gets messed up and it becomes to difficult to brush it when you get in. No amount of L’oreal extra hold is going to keep that birds nest down with 50 mile an hour winds.


2.  And your hair getting ruined isn’t even the worse part, think about your make-up. Rain, snow, the occasional hail stone, it’s just a waste of money applying it to your face when you know it’s going to run off. Money that we think can be better spent on food.


3. Layering up on clothes can be dangerous and waste valuable energy. Why bother adding on 10 jumpers and wearing two pairs of tights underneath your jeans, when you can have a better time in bed wearing just one snuggie. Perfectly content with minimal effort.


4. This time of year is great because TV shows are point; Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, soon The Crown. Not to mention all of the shows you missed over the summer while you were being a hashtag bae in Ibiza. It will really affect your office tea room chat if you’re not up to date, which in the long run could damage your career. You’ve been warned.


5. Only fuck boys go out in the cold. All nice, happy and emotional stable guys are sitting indoors snuggled up because they’re smart and sensible. The fuck boys are out on the prowl to prove a point, so just stay in and wait until it gets warm. You won’t get your heart broken and you don’t have to shave your legs. Win win!


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