Hat’s off

Yes it’s cold and yes it’s rainy…and yes the winter generally does seriously bad things to our hair. Cigdem’s been suffering with straggly hair and Sam’s been putting in hair masks like there’s no tomorrow.

So while we are trying to sort out our locks, we’ve also found a stylish way to cover them up. And we seriously mean ‘stylish’. Hat’s were all over the AW17 catwalk and the high street is full of different styles, from baker boy caps to bobble hats.

Our fave is a little continental (just like our breakfasts when we decide to scoff 3 croissants….it can’t just be us who do that?!). Say hello to this oh-so-snazzy beret from Mango.

Now all we need is for someone to take us to Paris to eat croissants and take selfies by the Eiffel Tower. Wearing a red beret obvs.



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