7 things I wish I had told myself when I was a teenager

  1. Don’t pluck your eyebrows.

Do the middle bit to avoid a unibrow, but Sam’s eyebrows circa ’07 were straight up over plucked. Imagine two L shapes rotated above her eyes.


2. Don’t wear a padded bra.

A melon cut into two and placed upon ones bosom is not attractive. Own the body you’ve got and embrace it.


3.  Don’t wear Ugg boots, a Juicy tracksuit, or low rise J.Lo style jeans.

At the time they might be considered cool, but seriously you will really regret the throwback pictures. You can’t claim to be a fashionista in present day when you have so many fashion faux pars in your past.

jlo juicy.gif

4.  Try out for every sport, after school activity and interesting club.

When you’re a teenager you’re so scared of failing and showing yourself up. Try everything  you can because you might be amazing at something you never knew you would be. Own it sister!



5. Spend more time with your family.

Don’t wait until you get older to realise how amazing they are. Enjoy every Sunday night cuddled up on the sofa,  weekday dinners or big family holidays. Create the best memories with your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, because when you get older, move out and get a job, you won’t have time to do it as often.



6. Stay away from fuck boys.

They might be super cool and sexy, but they’ll break your heart and fuck with your head. Pick the intelligent ones who have potential. But of course, use the fuck boys for a bit of fun.



7. Learn to code.

You’ll earn a fortune in your future job. All of the geeky coders we know now work for like two days a month and earn five times more than we do.





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