When make up is not your friend

We’ve all been there.  When you’re getting ready for a night on the dance floor and you think ‘I’m gonna make some effort tonight. I’m going to be like Kylie Jenner and make my face look AMAZING’.

giphy (13)

So obviously, the first step to beauty success is to load up a YouTue tutorial by some girl who looks okay at the start of her video but is a total 10/10 by the end. If she can do it, we can do it.

giphy (19)

The you think ‘woah she’s just listed a LOT of products. Good job I have endless amounts of make up (that I NEVER use).
giphy (18)

Okay this isn’t too bad. I don’t have the same Mac brush but so far we’re doing okay.
giphy (15)Oh no. Oh no. TOO MUCH POWDER. I don’t look like I have chiseled cheeks like Kate Moss…I look like I’ve dipped my face in something the wrong colour. Do I accept it or keep blending???
giphy (16)
‘So now you take your lipliner and put it on the outside of your lips to make them look really big and sexy’. I’m hearing you babes, but I can’t help but feel like I should keep within the lines of my lips.
giphy (20)
Ohhh eyeliner. Always my fave part (NOT). How do these girls do it so perfectly?
giphy (21)

Wait, why does the YouTuber look perfect and i look like a mess?
giphy (14)

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