I want to be skinny but…

I like food too much

Not saying that slender people don’t love food, but there are certain types of food groups that the Victoria Secrets Angels just don’t eat. They have more will power over chocolate, crisps and cheese. Power that we just do not have.


I hate the gym

You go because you have to, not because you want to. AHHH, even putting on the gym gear is a pain. Sports bras are a nightmare to put on and even more irritating to take off. And gym instructors are just evil perfect bodied humans who are here to make us feel like rubbish.


I like sleep too much

This plays in hand with hating the gym. Because you need to be a motivated person who gets out of bed in the morning and smashes a spin class before a 9am meeting. Yeah, those people are great. But when you’ve got a goose feather duvet it’s difficult to leave it at 6am.


I like cocktails too much

They are hundreds of calories in one cup but we just can’t say to to a cheeky 1 or 5 on a Friday evening. Plus when you get those sugary lined glasses, our hearts just melt.


Love Island is back on 

Which means we are going to be coach potatoes until the winners are crowned. So every evening between 9-10 we are bum on the sofa sipping on a good ol’ cuppa and eating half a pack of chocolate digestives.


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