5 steps to wedding guest success

  1. Infiltrate the parents of the bride and groom early.  Better to get all of the pleasantries out of the way as early as possible before you’re a bottle of champers down.


2. Get your pictures sorted early too. Pose and pout to perfection, because you obviously need to upload it onto instagram asap so you can dedicate the rest of your day to partying.


3. Mingle like you’ve never mingled before. Talk to everyone and charm your way into the hearts of all. Be the social butterfly you were born to be.


4.  Buy shots! After the evening meal lull kicks in, give everyone that kick they need with a stiff shot of tequila, vodka, or sambuca.


5. Dance baby dance. Just like Baby, nobody is putting you in the corner. Be the party, don’t just attend it.


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