The ultimate festival jacket

Sometimes there’s an item in your wardrobe that you can’t help but dance about in….you know when you put on a flippy skirt and all you want to do is twirl around? Well with we’ve found the jacket that will make you want to shimmy and shake all day long.

There’s a story with this jacket. Cigdem walked into Topshop on her way to return a dress that didn’t fit (never buy without trying kids) and then right there in the middle of the shop floor there were sparkles and nothing else in the store was there. It was like when two characters in a movie meet and fall in love….except with a jacket.


So here it is, the ultimate jacket. The one that will make you shimmy and shake all day long. Perfect for a festival (hello Glasto!) or just you know any general time you feel it’s socially appropriate to be dancing. Thanking you Topshop.

Now because this is a pretty rare kind of jacket, we’ve found 2 other alternatives for you. You are welcome!

1. £70, Jaded London 2. £50, Pretty Little Thing

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