Summer Sequins

Sequins aren’t just for christmas ladies, styling it out in these sparkly little balls of sass can be done all year round. The easiest way to tap into this trend for the summer months without feeling like a wannabe mermaid is to just add one piece at a time. From a bag, to a top, or a scrunchie, just a sprinkle of sequin is all you need for style success. Our fave is the above bag from From St Xavier at Asos.  Wear it over a simple jeans and white tee combo to rev up your everyday basics.

Here are some other sequins piece’s that we think are ideal for summer.

1. bomber, £40, Boohoo; 2. top, £30, Next; 3. bag, £26, Skinny Dip; 4. espadrilles, £25.99, Zara; 5. scrunchie, £6, Topshop; 6. shorts, £35, Miss Selfridge.


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