A British bank holiday: expectation vs reality

Bank holidays in Britain are always filled with hope, excitement and joy. Hope that the weather will be nice, excitement over the fact we can send time with friends and the joy that we have an extra day in bed. Amazing right? Well, sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. The reality of a bank holiday is never quite as glamorous as the expectation, and no instagram filter can make it look any better. **Sobs

  1. The Weather 

Expectation – glorious sunshine to show off our gym toned bodies


Reality – It rains



2. Best BBQ Ever

Expectation – Massive party full of friends with the best BBQ food you can ever imagine. Hot guy handling the meat is a necessity.


Reality – Stuck in your aunt’s garden with the best of the 80’s soundtrack. Weird uncle takes over BBQ, he looks nothing like Zac Efron.



3. Girls Night Out

Expectation – The whole squad looking fly, dancing the night away in an ever so classy fashion.


Reality – You peak too early and you end up in bed by 10:45pm



4. Healthy Eating

Expectation – The ‘I’m going to be sooooo good” talk. You will start your cleanse and detox, have every intention of eating kale, avocado and fruit. Yay go you!


Reality – McDonalds Saturday, KFC Sunday, and Pizza Hut Monday, you’ve done the fast food hat-trick.



5. Sort Your Life Admin Out

Expectation – you’ll sort out that CV, update the website, search for a new job, declutter your wardrobe, give yourself a pedicure, pluck your eyebrows, clean your flat and iron things.


Reality – You manage to watch an entire series of Narcos in one day and didn’t speak to anyone. Smashed it!



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