Not So Simple Shirts

Take a shirt, jazz it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!

Okay yes, we realise that a shirt is much more precious than a random penny on the street but they’re also just as common. If there’s one key item that never goes out of style it is a classic blue shirt and you’ll always find one in every single store.

Well here’s a news flash the classic blue shirt has had a mega upgrade. We’re talking frills, gems, oversized bows, ruffles, random straps…all sorts!

Sam was lucky enough to get her hands on THE shirt of the season from Next (it totally passes as a high street dupe of a certain Gucci shirt that a girl can only dream of owning). But if don’t fear if you can’t get your hands on Sam’s shirt because we’ve also found these revved up classics.

shirts1.£29.99, Zara 2. £34, Topshop 3.£35, Limited at Marks and Spencer 4. £19.99, New Look 5. £66, English Factory at Own The Look 6. £18, Boohoo

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