10 lies girls tell via social media

C’mon let’s be honest, we all over exaggerate when it comes to our social media, girls especially. We all have this desire to be loved and admired by our peers and even strangers. But now because of social media it seems our needs have heightened even more so. Resulting in a lot of us telling lies or more innocently massaging the truth. 

So here are a few wee lies some girls tell

  1. #ijustwokeuplikethis

Err I don’t think so darling. Mascara, blusher, high-lighter and freshly brushed hair. You ain’t foolin’ nobody.


2. #HealthyLiving

Now indeed this could be true, you may well be a super healthy chick. But seriously, you can’t keep that shit up 24/7. Bit rich you only post your avocado and salmon salad when i’m pretty sure I saw your fat arse in pizza hut the other day face deep in a stuffed crust.


3. #SquadGoals

You didn’t even like these bitches two weeks ago, but hey hey living for the insta likes. Nothing says a successful instagram feed like fake friendship.


4. #GymLife

Yes because everyone goes to the gym in a perfectly co-ordinating outfit and a full face of make-up. No babes, you don’t. You go there to sweat, hate the instructors and hopefully lose weight. If you’re taking snaps, you ain’t doing it right.


6. #BodyGoals

AHHHHH, these are the worst. Yes you might be genetically blessed and have the ability to grow abs. But girl please, nobody’s stomach is that defined on a Saturday morning. Talk about good lighting and a dab of bronzer.


7. #BestNightEver

This picture is hash-tagged under an image of a line of girls in a synchronised head tilt position. Yes it was the best night ever, for the 10 minutes it took to take that picture. Shortly after the said girls went out, queued for 30 minutes to get into an expensive club, stayed for one pricey prosecco and then had their boyfriends pick them up so they could go home and sleep.


8. #LookingAway

Oh some person just randomly took this picture of me looking away whilst laughing or holding a drink. Yes because that happens all of the time. So explain to me, after said photographical hero took said picture, you then approached them on the off chance that they took a picture of you without you knowing, and then sent you it so you could post it on instagram. Believable, indeed.


9. #RelationshiopGoals

Word to the wise, if you have to post saying you’re relationship is perfect, it probably isn’t. Surely if you’re that happy you don’t need recognition from other people. Plus it really blooming irritating.


10. #LifeGoals

That’s the biggest lie by far is that you have everything in life sorted. You’ve got the perfect job, relationship, body, friends and house. Truth is, nobody has that, but social media makes feel like you should. Filters are there to distort the truth, so don’t get dragged down by this air-brushed image that other people are trying to portray. Just remember you do you sista.



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