Finishing Touch

As you may remember from Sam’s monogrammed bag, we’re really into a bit of customisation at the moment.

From iron on patches to pin on jewels we just want to customise everything. It’s like being in school again when you get to cover your book in posters of Busted.

This little gingham number from Mango has been spruced up with some cute beaded brooches, so you can easily swap them over onto a denim jacket or plain white tee. Or if you’re 100% that you’ll never want to get rid then try iron patches (que flashbacks to textile lessons in school anyone?).

Here are our top picks of badges to customise with and a few bits that have been made earlier.

Badges 1. Pins, £20, Topshop 2. Shorts, £29.99, Zara 3.Bag, £875, Moschino (a girl can dream!) 4. Iron on patches, £12.99, Mango

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