Life lessons from Lauren Conrad

It’s been over a decade since we watched Laguna Beach but let’s face it, L.C taught us pretty much everything we know about life:

First up, if a guy wears bad clothes then you need call it a day ASAP.giphy (21).gif







Not loving your face today? No problemgiphy (25)

Sometimes vodka takes over and that “hot” guy isn’t actually so hot the next day. Always get a second opinion before making a move.
giphy (33).gif


If he’s approved then make a move the stylish way.
giphy (17).gif

Talking of guys, never, ever settle. Ever.
giphy (32).gif

FYI, sticking with a guy who treats you bad counts as settling…
giphy (8).gif

Because you can’t change a bad boy. No matter how much you think you could.
giphy (23).gif

Also procrastination is totally normal.
giphy (5).gif

And no matter how hard you try, that bouncer will not let you sit in the reserved booth.
giphy (6).gif

And you should question all ridiculous purchases in your life. Do you REALLY need it?
giphy (7).gif

Be careful around those shady girls.
giphy (28).gif

And sometimes even the few you trust will turn bad.
giphy (22).gif

For example, they may ditch you for a gross guy (Spencer Pratt anyone? Justin Bobby? I mean come on).
giphy (16)

These are the people you don’t need in your life.
giphy (20).gif

But that’s how you know who you can and can’t trust.
giphy (30)

Although sometimes those good, trustworthy friends can still be rubbish. Just wait for them and normality will be restored eventually.
giphy (26).gif

Maybe give them a chance to confess.
giphy (15).gif

And if your gal pal hasn’t got your back then you should really question your friendship.
giphy (29).gif

That’s when you say goodbye and remember Lauren’s wisest ever line.

Back to boys, if you think you may like him then you probably don’t. When you know, you KNOW.
giphy (12).gif

And if he knows then expect chocolates.
giphy (24).gif


No matter how much the catwalk reports say that kitten heels are hot, they are still gross (sorry Dior).
giphy (18).gif

And when you want to do something, you should give it your all.
giphy (19).gif

When you’re low just remember that things can only get better.
giphy (27).gif

But you’ll get over it because when life gives you lemons you suck them after a shot of tequila, right?
giphy (11).gif

And if you don’t want to talk to someone just say goodbye no matter how much it hurts.
giphy (31).gif

Although let’s face it, sometimes it’s not so hard to say goodbye…
giphy (10).gif

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