Embroidery Love

Embroidery has certainly been bossing it the past few seasons and we are so happy that it’s still going strong for SS17. No scrap that, we are ecstatic! What’s the top of our lust list you might ask, well move your eyes upwards.  Yes, bravo you’ve guessed it, we are obsessing over the above black and floral clutch from New Look. And at the oh my gosh price of £19.99, we just can’t stop shouting about it. But c’mon, can you blame us?

Here are some other delectably delightful embroidered bags that will make your knees shake from excitement.

1. £39, Miss Selfridge; 2. £119.99, Jules B; 3. £2,350, Gucci at Net-a-Porter; 4. £30, Oasis.

Side note about no.3: YES we know it’s super expensive, but see this as the if we won the lottery what would we buy. My first 100k would certainly be spent in Selfridges (mainly the food hall).

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