When Pizza Is LIFE

Ok, so not a fashion related post, we know. But our addiction to clothing is over shadowed by one entity, and that entity is PIZZA. Like the ol’ apple a day rhyme, we like to live by the saying – a pizza a week will prevent you from being a freak. And it is true. The simple combination of doughy bread, succulent tomato sauce and stringy cheese, melts our hearts in more ways than any man could. With that said… here are our favourite places in London to divulge in our doughy addiction.

  1. Homeslice

£20 for 20 inches of pure heaven – what more could you want? Plus you can go halves with different styles, so perfect for a date. Also, they serve the wine by how much you drink rather than per glass. Smart but very dangerous on a boozy girls night.


Sam chowing down on a 20 inch for her 23rd birthday.


2. Pizza East

For a killer cocktail, amazing pizza and great atmosphere, Pizza East is the one for you. The Shoreditch location is our favourite haunt and is a great starting place for a night out. We’ve also heard the meatballs are a winner on the menu too (soz, we’re both veggies).



3. Voodoo Ray’s

On the evening that we decided the start The Fashion Frontline, we finished our ‘business meeting’ with a trip to Voodoo Ray’s in Boxpark. This was the location where we both realised that our love of pizza was a lot more than the average chick, and we had no damn shame about it. So thank you Mr Ray for bringing us closer together. Go cray on the dried up condiments; chuck some chilli and cheese on that bad boy.



4. Lardo

This London Fields gem is a tasty Italian restaurant with even tastier pizza. The cheese on the classic margarita has such a creamy texture that caresses the tongue so lightly it feels like a cloud sliding down your throat. I know, this description alone will make your mouth water. Plus it’s got a great outside seating area, so ideal for a summer Saturday with friends.



5. Franco Manca

It’s almost blasphemous to not mention Franco Manca in a London Pizza line up. Cheap, cheerful and darn delicious. We are happy girls.


Now don’t give us that old rubbish about pizza making you fat. It’s all lies that the burger and chips industry spread around to try and sway you. Stay loyal, stay faithful and stay strong. If you feel that you are going to falter, then look at this gif of Channing Tatum with a slice of pizza and a cat. Better?


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