5 Things men can learn from watching Sex & The City

  1. Women talk about everything.

And by everything I mean EVERTHING. It’s guaranteed that your bae’s best buddies know more about your relationship than you do. While male friends just cover the basics when enquiring about a date, women ask about everything. What did you talk about? What did he wear? What did he order to eat? Gentlemen you need to accept and embrace the BFF’s, because they will know her better than you ever will.


  1. Never underestimate the importance of our clothes.

They are the major make or break factor to all of our emotions. If we feel like we are not rocking a totes bad-ass outfit, we will be miserable, therefore you will be miserable because we will moan. So even though we might have a fashion mishap or two, it is not your place to question it. To do so, may result in death by a choo to the head.


  1. Bitches be cray cray.

We over analyse, over think, and obsess over everything. Like Carrie Bradshaw, we have a constant third party narrative running through our head. Some call it crazy, we call it being a woman. We are a neurotic, over the top, crazy species. So instead of trying to suppress it, just accept us for the little individual freaks we are.


  1. The different roles women play in friendship groups.

Like you guys have the alpha male, we have a very complex hierarchy. Let’s put this in terms you’ll understand. Think of the SATC gals as a godfather style family, with everyone playing a certain role. Carrie of course would be Michael Corleone, the central character that without him, the entire organisation would fall apart. Samantha is Sonny, the in your face sexually driven hot head. Charlotte is Fredo, the simple sweet one who everyone looks out for. Then finally Miranda is Tom, the outsider that has been taken in. And like a family, we love and hate each other all at once. But mess with us and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes.


  1. Take note.

If you’re dating a girl who’s obsessed with this show, then be warned because your relationship will constantly be referenced to it. My advice is to bite the bullet, watch the show and try to learn from the mistakes of the many men, mainly Mr. Big. But remember everything can always be fixed with a last minute ‘you’re the one’ gesture. However unless it’s in Paris and she’s wearing a couture dress, it’ll never be as good.


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